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I just read my April Marie Claire Magazine and really enjoyed the article “Feel-Good Fashion”. The article shares insight into fashion designers who are producing sustainable products. They highlight AG jeans as being a great company that works to lessen their environmental impact and their jeans are made in the USA. My next pair of jeans will be AG! I know the jeans aren’t cheap but I want to spport this company. I believe in being a socially responsible shopper. Making a purchase is supporting a company, whether you consider their environmental or ethical policies or not, you are in fact helping a company. Our dollars are our vote.

I am a big supporter of the company Toms. I love their program on giving back. They donate a pair of shoes for every pair sold. My most recent pair are the denim stripes. They are so cute and colorful. They also have sunglasses and give back with these also. Santa brought be a cool pair of Toms aviators for Chirstmas. I love their products and I want the company succeed so I am happy to spend my money purchasing Toms.

A few days ago a customer told me about a story they had recently heard on NPR regarding stores that now produce trendy, inexpensive clothing intended to be worn a few times but with such a disregard for quality that they aren’t made well enough to last a washing. They called this “disposable clothing”. This makes my stomache turn. Really.

Purchasing clothing (and really anything for that matter) that are made well and by a responsible company, cost more. That is a fact. But these purchases are investments because the products will last. I urge you to try being a responsible shopper. Read labels and ask questions! Vote with your dollars!