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Guatemalan WedgesI sit here looking out at all of the snow covering the ground. It is much needed moisture for Colorado and for that I am very grateful. However, I just received an email that the lovely sandals being made for the store in Guatemala have just Guatemalan Wedgesmade it into the country. I can’t wait to see these! Every pair will be different, sewn from colorful Guatemalan huipil textiles, a type of traditional vintage blouse re-purposed to create the sandal designs. These will feature gorgeous flowers and birds hand embroidered. There will be suede flipflops with embroidered toe straps and also adorable strappy wedges! Just thinking about these makes me want to go get a pedicure with bright coral polish. For now I will keep my toes in the wool socks I am wearing.Guatemalan Sandals

I requested the sandals be shipped here mid April. I imagine it will be at least a few weeks before it is warm enough to wear sandals here. I wanted to be sure to have the sandals by the Bella Frida Cinco de Mayo celebration and it looks like that will happen. Yea! I will have my toes ready by then for sure.

Hope to see you soon in the store!


Bella Frida

Feet, What do I need you for when I have wings to fly? —Frida Kahlo