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A week or so ago my husband, kids (boys age 8 and 12) and I packed up the minivan and headed to New Mexico. You know when you get that pull to go, almost magnetic? That’s what I had been feeling for about 6 weeks. So we hit the road and headed south. I love the drive, watching the Colorado mountains switch over to more rolling hills and scrubby plants.

We spent time at the Taos Pueblo. Our boys really were fascinated with this structutal complex and also the beautiful people there. I enjoyed watching the boys interact with the Native Americans who still live there today. My youngest son spotted a little snake wiggling in the dirt and decided his Native name would be “Snake Boy”. I think it is very important for kids to have experience with other cultures and ways of living.

Chimayo was another special place for us. It is so peaceful and beautiful, one can feel the sacredness of the area. It is impossible not to be moved while seeing the many notes and photos hanging on the walls left by people who need some healing or blessing in their life. The boys helped fill up a few little glass bottles with some of the sacred dirt that is allowed to be dug and taken to bring healing to those in need. We spent some time praying, thinking, feeling grateful… I left with such a feeling of calm.

A few days in Santa Fe for me is the equivalent to taking a 5 year old to Disneyland for only an hour. I feel so alive in that town. I could never sleep! There is so much to see and taste. Time goes too fast yet the days seem so long and rich with experience. We ate a lot of great food (The Shed, Atomic Cafe & Casa Chimayo are my favorites) and walked and browsed. I met a few great contacts for the store and made some purchases too. I am reenergized and incredibly happy! I am already trying to figure out when to go back… I can feel that little pull starting again.