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I am thrilled to have recently been interviewed by Aimee Heckel for an article in the Daily Camera. Aimee was kind enough to mention my store opening back in March but now to be selected for a whole article is beyond exciting! I have read her interesting articles on fashion for some time. I always enjoy her point of view, she has a very playful, creative way.

So she came to my store last on a Monday morning looking like a million bucks. She is oozing fashion, and not the traditional follow-the-latest-trend fashion. She is all about creativity and self expression. I loved her high heels and vintage look, her beautifully coifed hair. I could have spotted her here in old town Louisville a mile away.

Anyhow, I thoroghly enjoyed our time together. We bonded over fashion, kids and Dia de Los Muertos. She really seemed to understand my mission for the store, wanting to make authentic hand embroidered clothing and folk art available here and to support the many talented artists in Mexico.

I was very, very pleased with the article. Aimee wrote that she felt she was walking into a rainbow upon entering Bella Frida. I love that. I have had many new customers thanks to the article. Thanks to Aimee!!!