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Bella Frida has its name because of the huge inspiration Frida Kahlo is to me. Frida was such an extraordinary woman. She was very beautiful in appearance (although some people will disagree, especially those who didn’t admire her famous unibrow) and was also deeply beautiful on the inside.

If you have ever read about Frida or seen the movie about her then you know of her tragic life which included a horrific trolly accident, miscarriages, years in a back brace and a marriage to the artist Diego Rivera, who had an affair with her sister. Frida experienced a tremendous amount of physical and emotional pain during her short life.

Although she experienced great trauma, she never took on the “victim” label. She took her pain and shaped it into strength. She released it onto canvases, creating self portraits that can be hard to really look at closely because the emotions are so strong. Frida pushed creative boundaries and is thought of as one of the first true feminists. By naming my store Bella Frida it is my intent to honor Frida and acknowledge her strength, beauty and cultural pride. ┬íViva la Frida!

“At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think.” – Frida