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Last night was the big Day of the Dead celebration at Bella Frida. What a wonderful night! It was a success even though the weather didn’t fully cooperate. Who ordered rain/snow last night? Anyhow, James Garcia played falmenco guitar and he was superb. It was a real treat to hear such a talented musician. I also enjoyed the colorful skeleton faces Susan Meylor painted on the line of children. I had mine done too and it was really fun. For my son, Evan, Susan painted on his arm a little skeleton face with flames coming off his head. He loved it so much that he refused to wash it off before going to bed. Now the skeleton is a little blurry! Meggin had a long line for her tarot card readings. We created a neat space in my store closet with sheets and papel picado for her table and chairs. I have already heard from a few friends how meaningful her readings were.

Throughout the evening students from the Louisville Middle School stopped in to see their Day of the Dead art work. Their teachers, Lori and Merry, also came by. There was such a feeling of pride and honor in this exhibit. I will enjoy looking at the art in my store all month. I know our community is noticing the exhibit in The Loco Yo and Bitterseet Cafe too. Many customers have mentioned it. I am so grateful to the Louisville Middle School art teachers and students for all of their hard work!

Hope to see you in the store soon!

Bella Frida

“I leave you my portrait so that you will have my prescence all the nights and days I am away from you.” – Frida Kahlo