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Our Cinco de Mayo Celebration here at Bella Frida was a very special evening. We had Boulder jeweler Leigh Palmer with her fun Mexican-inspired jeweler. Leigh was dressed very Frida like. I loved the big flowers in her hair! Dana Saxton was here doing henna. I saw many people, children and grownups, enjoying her creative designs… everything from animal skeletons to ornate flowers.

The highlight of the evening was a performance by Matachines Guadaluponos, a very traditional dance group formed in Mexico many years ago by the grandfather of the head dancer, Lourdes. Lourdes and I first met while I was helping her at the store. She graciously offered to dance here for Our Lady of Guadalupe Day on December 12th. It was a special performance and I knew they should come again!

The Cinco de Mayo Celebration was on a warm Friday evening during Downtown Louisville’s monthly ArtWalk. There were many people on the streets enjoying the performance. It was a visual voyage full of twirling color, sequins, Lady of Guadalupe banners, prayers and tradition by dancers young and old. They were accompanied by an accordian and a drummer. A crowd formed and many people came and thanked me for bringing such unique culture to Lousville. I felt so happy and prowd to be able to introduce this to my community, but the real gift came from the talented Matachines Guadaluponos. I am so grateful to them!