Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

"At Bella Frida we highlight the hand crafted clothing and accessories created around the world by skilled artisans. Our current collection includes hand selected pieces that are truly one of a kind. The clothing you will find at Bella Frida creates an authentic bohemian look that captures the spirit of the easy, warm summer days. Whether you spend your days in a city, forest or beach- you will enjoy wearing these unique clothes that have a story and are created by hand."

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Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

"Fashion is a personal art statement. Trends come and go but style lasts. I prefer style that tells a story, creates intrigue, that is authentically unique. Fall style is at it's finest when it reflects the warm colors of nature, rich in shades of copper, rust and greens." - Laura, owner of Bella Frida

Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Embrace the essence of the season with relaxed, embellished details that capture the haute-hippie vibe.