About Bella Frida

A locally-owned store featuring global ethnofashion.

Bella Frida features a curated collection of EthnoFashion.

We will open at our new location at 101 1/2 E. Chester Street Lafayette, Colorado on Wednesday April 19th, 2017!
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My Mission

Laura Lambrecht

I began Bella Frida with the mission to highlight hand-crafted fashion. I have always enjoyed many aspects of fashion, even filling books with fashion sketches as a young girl. Over the last decade I have grown increasingly concerned with the fashion industry. I found myself yearning for more than than the typical offerings of mass produced clothing made in poor working conditions that continue to deplete our planet of its resources. I focused in on the clothing that I had purchased traveling and could proudly wear.

I prefer clothing made by hand because it doesn’t support the traditional, corporate fashion industry, but also for the many wonderful things it does support. It helps the indigenous artisans in various countries to have a better life and also to honor the traditions of their culture that are preserved in their textiles. As with everything hand-made, each garment is unique and has a story. When someone compliments me on a Mexican blouse I’m wearing, it creates the opportunity to engage in a meaningful conversation about why I choose to wear hand made clothing.

Bella Frida is full of clothing and accessories I have selected for their beauty and also because I feel they can easily integrate into a woman’s wardrobe. If someone wears hand crafted clothing from head to toe it can easily look “costumey,” but wearing a hand woven Guatemala huipil with your favorite jeans and a pair of leather boots can give one a modern, unique boho look. I enjoy styling and would love to share some fashion tips. I hope you will love wearing these stunning, hand made clothes as much as I love seeking out the textile treasures!

Hope to see you soon —


Some reasons to support indigenous artisans

  • Improved working conditions for artists
  • Art more valued in the artists’ communities
  • Help more children go to school
  • Help improve access to medical care and doctors
  • Help preserve traditional art and cultures

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the return policy?

Items can only be returned, with the receipt, if they are unused and determined to be in the original condition. Items can be returned up to 14 days from the date of purchase. Bella Frida has the right to refuse return of goods that do not meet Bella Frida’s Return Policy requirements. Refunds are given when requirements are met. Items purchased on sale are final – no returns.

How do I care for my Bella Frida garment?

Put your clothing in a mesh lingerie bag and machine wash on gentle with cold water or wash gently by hand. Lay flat to dry. Please remember that all garments have hand embroidery and are delicate, this is what makes them so beautiful and unique. Closely consider your jewelry and belt selections, as some could snag the embroidery and cause damage.