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At Bella Frida we just celebrated our 1st Anniversary. What a year it has been! I am so grateful to the many friends, family and customers who have made Bella Frida a success. About a year and a half ago this was all a dream…ideas inspired by shopping with my Mother and sister in Santa Fe, travels to Mexico, folk art that speaks of tradition and beauty, wanting to support the artists in Mexico so that they will continue this fine work…and so much more.

Bella Frida is like my third child. I am pleased with the progress it has made but so excited to see what the future brings as it continues to grow and evolve. I have many, many ideas. For now I am already preparing, I am finally studying Spanish :). About time? I thought so too! I am also in the process of getting the store on Facebook. I think that also deserves – About time!

As Spring draws near you will see more of the unique, colorful embroidered clothing in Bella Frida. I just received a shipment of Puebla Dresses. How wonderful to wear a handmade dress to an Easter celebration. I picture a lovely Easter Sunday on Pearl St. wearing a turqouise Puebla Dress (hemmed at the knee) with a pair of killer Cowboy Boots and a cute long cardi. I have them in little girls sizes too!