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This is a very special day in Mexico, it is a day to honor Our Lady of Guadalupe. This tradition started when a vision of Our Lady was seen in Mexico on a hillside and the man who saw her was given flowers as a symbol of his truth. Since these flowers do not normally grow in that particular part of Mexico it was taken very seriously. A church in her honor was built on the site. Throughout Mexico, December 12th is a day to celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe and to give thanks for the many miracles she has brought us.

Here at Bella Frida I knew I wanted to honor this very special day. Lady of Guadalupe is accepted by many people, regardless of religious beliefs. She represents unconditional love for all. I began planning for this day a few months ago.

I met a beautiful woman named Lourdes who shops at my store and cooks at the St. Lois Catholic Church just down the street. She is the head of a local dance troupe comprised of children, women and men of all ages. They dance traditional dances from Mexico that represent specific meanings. They all wear beautiful handmade clothing. She told me that on December 12th her dance troupe would dance from sun up til sun down giving thanks. They would dance outside through rain or snow, for Our Lady continues to grace us with blessings regardless of weather. As you can imagine, I immediately asked Lourdes if they could come and dance outside my store.

So the next part of the celebration I imagined was a traditional candlelight procession. I planned the route, the time, the details… but who would lead it? I contacted the Father at the Catholic Church down the street but he wasn’t interested. Weeks went by and I was starting to panic. I didn’t have the leader. I had an astrological reading with my gifted friend Vicki. She told me to quite looking because the person who should lead the procession would come to me. I found that idea very interesting, a little alarming for a Virgo like myself who wants everything planned well in advance. But I believed and I prayed.

Thanksgiving weekend a woman from out of town walked into my store. She made a few purchases and we got to talking. We spoke of Lady of Guadalupe and I mentioned my needing a procession leader. She told me she had the perfect person and I believed her. That person was Aum Rak. A spiritual healer from Guatemala who just happened to be in Boulder for a couple months because she was part of a huge 12/21 celebration honoring the big change in the Mayan calendar.

After calling around and sending emails I made contact with her and she immediately agreed to leadthe procession and was quite excited about it. 12/12 is also an important date in the Mayan Calendar as it ends a cycle and begins a new one. The new cycle being the important time before 12/21- the end of the Mayan Calendar.

I had a day with Aum Rak and her son Ballum that no doubt was one of the most important days of my life. Aum Rak is a true spiritual guide. I could listen to her speak for hours. I learned so many wonderful things from her that day. She spoke from the heart and with such enthusiasm for our future. It was so refreshing and inspiring. I am so grateful she will lead the procession and give others the opportunity to be touched by her wisdom.

On the actual day of 12/12/12 I did not get to see Lourdes and the beautiful dancers, nor did I get to walk with Aum Rak in the procession. I lay in the hospital sick with Influenza A. I cried. I also prayed. I did not understand why I had to miss such an important day with such special things planned. My parents, my brother, my husband, my older son and my friends went. They were there. I was only there in spirit. I do not know why that is what was meant to be, but it simply was. On that cold Winter’s night I was given a lesson of letting go, believing and simply being. What a perfect lesson from Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Hope to see you at Bella Frida soon,

“I paint flowers so they will not die.” – Frida Kahlo