We will be closed on Saturday, January 20th as we will be participating in the Women’s March in Denver. For information, please visit https://www.marchoncolorado.org

Ethically Made. Artistic Fashion. Empowering Women.

Ethically Made

You want to know where your clothes are made. You are interested to know the working environment of the creators. You believe fashion workers should be paid fair living wages. You are drawn to Fair Trade goods. You care about the environment of this world and for the people living here.

At Bella Frida we, too, believe in Transparency in fashion. We share information about how and where our collection is created. We support artisan workers, not factories. We, too, are concerned with the negative impacts on the environment caused by the fashion industry. We support natural dye and materials, not chemicals.

Artistic Fashion

You are drawn to the art of dressing. You look at fashion as creative self-expression. You love fashion that is unique. You embrace a boho, eclectic style. You don’t follow the “trends” but carve your own path. You are drawn to clothing embellished with details like hand-crafted embroidery.

We, too, believe that what we choose to wear tells a lot about a woman. We crave unique authenticity. We value self-created style. We don’t follow trends, we follow our hearts. We, too, are drawn to bohemian, global looks. We love embroidery and traditional sewing techniques. We have made it our mission to support traditional artisans.

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Empowering Women

You care about women. You believe in helping others. You want to support women near and far. You are drawn to goods that are created by, and support, women.

At Bella Frida, we, too, care about women. We are driven to help women artisans by selling their goods and offering them a chance for a better life. We believe in working to empower all women. We believe every woman deserves a chance for a brighter future.

We believe that fashion has the ability to change lives when it is created in a fair and ethical way.

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